Lessons from this Editor


While I have wanted to say things, I often caution myself with taking time to reflect first. This probably contributes to the view that I am a rather serious person. Plus there’s my mental health. It’s a struggle, learning to take on the working world again, the 9-5 or 8-9 (AM to PM) or anything in between. I’m no longer running away from it or resisting. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to balance or to fit in time for one’s dreams. After all, the dream is to work freelance, or on my own projects, but we all must accept that this means playing the long game. I try to cling to Elizabeth Gilbert’s words in that I will work support my art, I will not demand that it supports me. Otherwise, the pressure skyrockets and the muse might be scared away, and your creativity gets squashed under all that weight. At least in my experience.

Anyway, all of that is my way of saying, it’s been a while, but I’m finally ready to share some news. I have an editing contract! It’s on a series I love, written by someone I look up to. adult-blur-carpenter-345135

Sadly, I have no magic technique to share with you. THE technique was simply being social. This was good old-fashioned networking. Person-to-person, known in the same groups, let’s give this a shot sort of thing. I feel lucky, but I’m sure it wasn’t simply chance that got me this project. I want to work really hard and do great work for this book. So, I guess the lesson is to stick with it. Put it out there in the world, keep learning, keep helping, be passionate and unapologetic about your passions and it will come back around.

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