Upcoming Events

I started another course to try and get my credentials increased. This should give my freelancing a boost as well. Confidence, further knowledge, more time studying CMOS (The Chicago Manual of Style) as well as continued reading in The Copyeditor’s Handbook, plus a lot more experience proofreading. I plan to talk more about my experience when I’ve moved on further into the coursework.

What I will share, is that I’m going to be tightening up my Services page even more. This is to be fair to both clients and fellow editors and more in line with the industry. Most of that was done in my quick polish prior to the Publishing Panel. See the recording by clicking here.


Next, I want to let you know some things. I have been invited back to co-host an editing panel. This time it will be at Sci-Fi on the Rock, April 6-8th. I’m excited to chat with everyone and hang out with my friends Erin Vance from Engen Books, and Heather Reilly from Reilly Books. These gals rock! We love helping local writers, and future editors unravel this confusing part of the publishing process, as well as making it far less scary. I’ll be throwing some of my own questions into the ring as well. I think it would be cool to get some opinions on my searches.

We’ll be presenting “The Art of the Edit” on Friday, April 6th from 6:00pm-6:50pm in the Avalon/Battery room. Click here for our panel page. You can see the full (and beautiful) schedule here.

I will also be doing a few other panels, but as my sister has pointed out, I’m under a bunch of different names. You’ll find me co-hosting the RWBY fan panel with my pal Stacey Oakley, probably jumping in the Writing and Mental Health Panel hosted by Chelsea Beaton, and hosting the Fountain Pen Party. All of which is on Saturday. I’ll be at Sci-Fi all weekend running the Cork Board Pens table, so if there are any questions, please drop by. I’d love to geek out or help in any way I can. There will be a lot of other local authors in the genre world at Sci-Fi too. So it’s worth attending if you’re interested in that. Lots of panels and talks, even the guests can be inspiring to listen to. Creativity reaches all bounds.

On Saturday, and 10:00 a.m., I will begin my presentations by hosting the Pen Party as Cork Board Pens. My co-host will be the amazing Pam Anstey, who is the FP Queen in my opinion. If anyone is curious about fountain pens, this is the place to be. We’ll be going over pens 101, as well as sharing samples. If there’s time we will get into paper and ink too. CBP will be putting out a call for pen friends who are interested in beginning a monthly club. All are welcome. We’ll announce the details later, but at the workshop and our table, we’ll have an email sign-up for anyone who would be interested in joining. All emails will be used ONLY for the club. There will be no spam or sharing of emails.


Directly after the Pen Party, I’ll be joining my friend, author Stacey Oakley for a panel about the amazing show RWBY. We will be talking fairy tales and myths, who’s who in the world of Remnant, as well as future character theories. We’ll also talk about the popularity of fairy-tale-based writing and its success or failings. For my part, I plan to offer the animation and gaming side of the show including anything based in Rooster Teeth’s production methods. So anyone wanting to discuss or share knowledge, please join in and have an awesome hour of fan celebration and discussion. Also, if you appreciate RWBY, you can feed the interest by picking up Stacey’s book Hunter’s Soul. It’s an intense adventure that explores some of the hard realities of being a career hunter of monsters. Not to mention being a less-than-appreciated protector of people. She’ll be with Cork Board Pens in the Vendor room.

A little later will be the “Let’s be Honest” panel, discussing writing and mental health. Chelsea Beaton will be hosting/moderating with a party of contributors. I will be on hand to offer perspective as someone with MDD and GAD who has participated in Day Treatment Programs, as well as dealing with chronic diseases as a creative. Writing did save my life, and I want to give back to the community somehow. Maybe my words can be useful.

Throughout the show, there will be panels hosted by amazing authors and publishers such as Matthew Ledrew, Ellen Louise Curtis, Amanda Labonte, JJ King, Candace Osmond, Scott Bartlett, Charles O’keefe, and more. Sci-Fi on the Rock helped to push me forward with my writing, and editing, and to believe in myself more. If you have wants and dreams with regard to writing, try out some of the presentations. It can change your life and set you on a path that will bring you more than you might be able to imagine at this time. But more of that at the panels. Please feel welcome to drop by and say Hi at the Cork Board Pens table, or any of the panels/workshops. Can’t wait!


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