Artists know that when it comes to being hired for a job, it’s more about what’s in your portfolio than what’s on a resume. I’ve been told that Proofreaders and Editors should have a portfolio too. Have you ever wondered, “What on earth goes into this kind of portfolio?”

I was reviewing my set-up for job canvassing last night and realized that I don’t have a portfolio. I don’t even know what goes into a portfolio for Proofreaders and Editors. What would it even look like?!

Thus began my journey to see what other folks had for their portfolios.

So far I have seen lists of projects worked on, or cover images posted to show what they contributed to. Admittedly, that’s a long way from what one might expect to see in an editing portfolio. I imagined reams of corrected work or a presentation of before and after. I’ll have to let you know if any of that ever comes up.

One still has to ponder, what if the work you did was donated? Or free for the sake of practice? What if the book you worked on isn’t for sale yet? What then?

The search continues.

[Feel free to post links to examples to help. It’s for the benefit of us all.]

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