My first round of editing for 2018 is complete. I look forward to working with folks on developing their stories further. One part that I love is how inspiring it is to work with such talented people and walking that road with them toward making their work the best it can be.

On the other side of it all, I’ve picked up a new study and method in order to help writers create their works with less frustration, and a clearer understanding of what goes into a successful, complete work. I fell off the bandwagon with it by the end of 2017 though. I plan to renew my efforts so that I can fully implement this new method for the authors I work with. You guys deserve it. Plus, I love it. Getting to learn new things, fascinating approaches, etc.

On top of that, I finally got into daily transcription work. I’ve been balancing short projects with longer ones. General transcription is a lot of fun. I can go from lectures on genetics to a town meeting, and then a talk show, and back around to anthropology classes. The added bonus is getting to work in assisting those who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. That means a lot to me and makes me feel great.

There is an added journey, however. Work in transcription isn’t simply putting on your headphones and typing. Throughout, you want to continue to improve your relevant skillsets. The first skillset is Touch Typing. Learning how to properly type. With improving your approach to typing, you will inevitably increase your speed. I always said, when I set out working in data input and then teaching others in the area, “Accuracy first, then the speed will follow.”  Secondary to that would be editing and proofreading. Let’s save that for next time, though.

My favorite site to practice Touch Typing is:

I am attending a Work-At-Home-Summit in between projects this week, too. It’s telecommuting, but I’m looking forward to gaining fresh insight and inspiration to continue plotting the course in my journey of passion and work. Maybe I’ll even find some information to share with everyone.

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