Some Background

Good day,

On my desk this week has been a little lonely. I’ve only had a chapter or two of a teen novel for Wattpad to work on, as well as a thriller, which I took on as my first project. I’m not a horror person, nor a particular fan of thriller, but sometimes a freelancer should not choose. In fact, I think we all ought to try something if we are not certain that there is nothing we have to offer to benefit the writing.

Thinking along those lines, I realize it would probably be beneficial to try out even fanfiction editing. I usually steer away from that because I have never been able to successfully wrap my head around creating fanfiction. I am too uncomfortable using canon characters or feel too confined. I like to enjoy the natural growth of a character, and the continual discovery of their traits and history. I have even found that canon based roleplay tend to crash far faster than original character populated games. That said, one ought to try it at least once. I do hear that writers of fanfiction are known for being incredibly prepared. I may yet find out.

I have been waiting on another great teen fiction novel to come back with the next part for editing. Until then, however, my docket is relatively empty. This is not bad news though. It makes for a good chance to begin taking on paying work. It is time to begin removing the training wheels.

In other news and thoughts…

I wanted to relay some background about the name of my service/site. The name: Cork Board Edits was birthed from a series of ambitions, desires, and dreams I have toyed with for a couple of years.  I plan on possibly making a go of it and building upward over time. Initially, I thought up Cork Board Studios and Gallery. A studio for artists and pals. In my opinion, studios are rather important for spreading creative atmosphere and business assistance. The gallery part was an interest of mine, after some frustration with conventional gallery set-ups. Those are still possibilities someday. For now, though, the focus is the dawn of Cork Board Edits and its potential to grow into Cork Works, or Cork Board Publishing. I plan to test out the concept on my own creations first, before deciding on laying any formal groundwork. All of which is not going to be a fast process.

Hope the background info was of some interest. If you have any experience with small press creation or freelance thoughts, please comment or message me. I would love to hear from others who are starting out, or on the scene. I would happily follow along with any similar journeys.

All the best!

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